Team L.D
Team CJ
Team Sweet Sassy Molassey
Team Timeout with Trelfa
Team Suckers for Chocolate
Team Hog Group
Team KMK
Team CZ's
Team Cluesless
Real Estate One Warriors
Team Kobra Kia
Team Purple Pegiun
Team Fire Hole
Team Dynamic Waste
Team One
Team Oldies
Team Buggers
Team Lady Hurons
Team Banana Boys
Team Dense Yews
Team Dachshund 4 Life
Team PL Mavricks
Team Fabulous Five
Team JKLMA...Ohh
Team Brutus Babes
Team 3 Old Gals
Team Chicken Nuggets
Team Wendigo Hunting Club
Team Neccos
Team Discovery Channel
Team Golden Girls
Team Lady Leprachon
Team Manning
Team C2
Team Concussions
Team Peaches
Team Naples
Team Abc's
Team Jakob Lewis
Team The Agency
Team The Reds
Team The Del Rios
Team Hoodinies
Team Big Red
Team Black Wildnerness
Team Larson
Team Josh
Team NoseGoes
Team Stieber
Dream Team
Team 3G
Team corgi butts
Team Gucci Gang
Team Schalk
The Good Boys
Team Club Wildcat
Team 3 Stooges
Team Lizard Lips
Team Cold Tamallies
Team To Much Miller Lite
Team Angel Wings
Team Babies on Board
Team Meatwagon
Team Escapers
Team Cow
Team Gape  Escape
Team Mama Mayo's Misfits
Team North Bull Chips
Team Fred
Team Heather
The Random Team
Team Annie's Angels
Team Warnimonts
Team Walrus
Team Rockin Robbins
Team Savage Squad
Team Clue Crew
Team Almost There's
Team 5th Wheel
Team Avalon Sleuths
Team 3 Stooges
Team village royalty
Team Acapulco
Team 5th Wheel
Team Harley's Endermen
Im still confused
johnathan 27
fire breathing bilzzards
Team Chimmies
Team Vikings
Team Benny the dog
Team Rally One
Team Marwizy
Team Peppercorns
Team T2
Team Han
Dream Team
The Half Lovers Team
Team Mommy and the funky bunch
Team Conquer
Team Trav is 13
Team Meg and the Bad Moms
Team Ladies Night
Team Testostrone
Team Ridge Riders
Team Chamber
Team Sherlock Bobby
Team Long Rapids Mafia Pegs
Team Bad A Moms Team Bad A Kids.jpg
Team Green Monkey
Team Intelligent Four and Team Triple Th
Team Good Team Texas
Team Fantastic Four
Team Daddy Daughter Duo
Team Dragon
Team Accountables
Team Should've brought my smart friends
Team Shazam
Team Thunder Bay
Team Mediocre
Team 3Moms+ABabe
Team The Escapists
Team Fab 5
Team LLL
Team Cross
Team Chum Bucket
Team Ramsey
Team Zipper Pockets
Team Geek Squad
Team RR
Team Sorenson
Team Coffee


Team Name      Time Remaining

  1. Team Schalk                23:58

  2. Brutus Babes               22:13

  3. Chicken Nuggets            21:48

  4. The Agency                 19:52

  5. Dense Yews                 18:44

  6. The Del Rios               18:03

  7. Locksmith                  17:27

  8. Timeout Trelfa             17:15

  9. Jklma..Ohhh               16:35

  10. Mommy and the funky bunch   16:32



Team Testers
Team Nameless Wonders
Team The Sixlets
Team Lucky Ducks
Team Rocky Mountain Oysters
Team Time out with Trelfa
Team Mckelvey
Team Fire Patrol
Team Woof Pack
Team Kowalks
Team Dexter Wanna-Bes
Team Jeubreakit juebuyit
Team Hypeness
Team Eat Sleep Escape
Team Oneils
Team Concussion
Team The Nuggets
Team Oncogenes
Team Something Scandalous
Team ButtHead
Team Scart Mary and Crew
Team CJ
Team Patrow Mafia
Team Panda Express
Team Psychos
Team Fries wit dat
Team Bride
Team Guys are mean
Team Eeuauueeh
Team Escape Fan Club
Team Porca
Team MUM
Team Ashton
Team BFF
Team kates cupcakes
Team awesome
Team Barbatos
Team Realtree
Team Millers and DROCK
Team Hockey
Team The Jury
Team Three girls & a guy
Team Diablo Girls
Team Big Tough Bay
Team Buffalo Bills
Team Zbyler
Team The Kids
Team Enigma
Two Brothers and Molly Bay
Team Girl Gang Bay
Team Fast and Curious
Team No Angels
Team Blanker
Team White Chocolate
Team Hit or Chungus
Team Fab 5
Team Corgi Lovers
Team Peas N Q's
Team Dezelski


Team Name                Time Remaining

  1.  We're No Angels                                  18:53

  2. White Chocolate                            17:16

  3. Enigma                                     14:24

  4. Barbatous                                 11:07 

  5. Rocky Mountain Oysters                     10:49

  6. Test Group                                 9:48

  7. Porca                                    8:28

  8. Fast and Curious                          7:43

  9. Zbyler                                      5:45

  10. Realtree                                    5:40



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Haunted Escape Staff
Haunted Escape Staff

Our first annual Haunted Escape Adventure was a combination of a haunted house and escape room aspects. This event was meant for players to have fun and gather a better understanding of what an escape room is and how it works. We had a wonderful turn out and a great time. All the proceeds from this event was also donated! We are looking forward to next Halloween and maybe doing this again!